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Ranch Employment


Wrangler Position Information:

Our Ranch is open 363 days out of the year. We close the business on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day to allow staff to be with their families. Everyone at the Ranch is a 1099 contracted employee, and the ranch owner sets the rate.

Our insurance requires all staff members to participate in the Horsemanship Certification Course. All current wranglers have undergone 12 hours of classes and at least ten training rides with experienced staff members to be independent wranglers. The horsemanship course acts as an onboarding orientation in some way as well. You will be able to learn how and why we do things the way we do them, which will get you acquainted with the business more efficiently.  

Click here for more information about the Horsemanship Course.  

Hours are flexible based on your availability and the services scheduled. 

  • We do not offer health benefits 

  • Management will discuss other benefits in the interview. 

Pay is hourly and by the ride or event/service. 

Wranglers will have the opportunity to earn wages mainly through trail rides. But our wranglers who have expressed interest also teach horsemanship classes, private riding lessons, guide wagon rides, pony rides, meet and greets, and chuckwagon dinners. Wranglers can also earn money by feeding and doing everyday ranch chores.

KB Horses staff is paid monthly. 

Our Wranglers do very well with tips because of how we run our business and the experience we provide our guests. You'll find that we have high ratings everywhere if you check out our social media ratings.

Here at KB Horses, we believe in sweat equity, meaning wranglers will get whatever they want out of this experience, depending on what they put into it. The more rides wranglers work, the more money wranglers make. Somedays, our wranglers will be at the Ranch for 12 hours at a time, and some days only 3 hours.


We strongly believe in performance-based pay, recognizing the effort and rewarding it accordingly.

We do not offer employee housing.

There are no bunkhouses at our Ranch, although we hope to implement this in our company sometime in the future. 

We do, however, host the summer interns at our headquarters throughout the duration of their internship. Again, please refer to the information posted on our Internship Page.

Horse boarding options are available for wranglers, and board discounts may be applied depending on what value you bring to the business. All staff boarding circumstances are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please speak to the ranch owner for more details. 

Wranglers are allowed to bring their dogs to work and on the trail with them as long as they respect horses, other dogs, and, most importantly, our guests. Bringing a dog to work is an employee privilege, not a right.

All responsibility for the dog is on you. 


You do work with KB HORSES because you love being around horses and interacting with people. If you are overly concerned about making money, your primary objective, you will probably be happier elsewhere. If you want to work someplace where you can take pride in what you do, knowing you are giving ranch guests a deeper look into the souls of horses and appreciate the care the animals receive, you will be pleased here.

Please call Ranch at 435-315-9950 to discuss working with us further. 

If we do not answer, leave a voice mail message, and management will return your call.

Join Our Team - Apply Here!
How did you hear about us?
Are you 16 years or older?
How many years of relevant horse experience do you have?
Do you understand that all staff members are required to pass the Horsemanship Certification Course and complete 10 training rides before start of employment? (certification costs $995)

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

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