Trail Rides


Trail riding at KB Horses is truly unique and not like a typical nose-to-tail outfit. Our horses enjoy their jobs and perform them impeccably.


Each ride is a private and custom-tailored experience to meet your riding ability. If one of our guests is a beginner or fearful rider, we have patient horses who will keep you safe through a willing partnership.


For those of you who have horseback riding experience; you’ll love the freedom of wandering through the rigorous back country and mountainous terrain on a kind-minded, sure-footed horse who will listen to your every cue. 

Trail Ride Assistance 

 ​For riders 7 years old and younger, and riders who are unsure or unable to control their horse, will be assigned to their own wrangler.


The wrangler will lead your horse by either walking in-hand from the ground or ponying from another horse. 


For the safety and well-being of everyone on the ride, we reserve the right to choose when either of these services are necessary.

Single Rider Supplement 

Height-to-Weight Proportion Chart 

Ride alongside our dogs!

*Our change/ cancellation period is 48 hours, except during the above listed holidays when we are unable to accept any changes/ cancellations.