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Horsemanship Lesson Series 

Horsemanship is way more than just riding; it is the skill of handling horses on the ground and in the saddle. Riding is practically the smallest piece of the equation. To succeed with horses and be a good horseman or horsewoman is to be a real student of the horse. You must be positive and flexible on your journey of never-ending self-improvement. 

Natural horsemanship teaches you to know horses mentally, emotionally, and physically. Over time, it advances your horse behavior knowledge and training skills, allowing you to solve problems on the ground and in the saddle.

No matter how you get here, learning the basics is paramount. In the beginning, you will learn how to be around a horse safely, groom, saddle, and prepare them on the ground.

Our horsemanship series comprises six two-hour lessons introducing how these magnificent animals think so you understand life from a horse's perspective.

Each Horsemanship-101 lesson has three components: reviewing and discussing reading assignments, watching your instructor perform the task, and then practicing the skills on the ground or in the saddle yourself. By completing Horsemanship 101, you'll be ready to continue the remarkable journey of being with these amazing creatures, whether embarking on an adventure with your personal horse or continuing it with us through Horsemanship-201 & Beyond! Somewhere, somehow, we all started our fascination with these beautiful animals. Let us help you explore what's possible.


Cost: $995

Horsemanship-101 Course Breakdown: 

Lesson 1: Catching, Grooming & Tacking Up/Down

Lesson 2: Groundwork & Communication 

Lesson 3: Fundamentals of Riding 

Lesson 4: Stirrupless/Bareback Riding 

Lesson 5: Trotting & Loping 

Lesson 6: Written Exam & Full Trail Ride 

Textbook readings must be completed before each lesson. 

Horsemanship-201 & Beyond

Cost: $965

After graduating from Horsemanship-101, students can continue their Horsemanship journey through another series of 6 lessons at a time. 

Horsemanship 201 & Beyond gives our students more freedom to explore their interests. We love to expand on the skills covered in HS-101 and allow our students to build their confidence in each lesson. If students would like to learn more about trail safety, we will spend the day exploring new trail sections and horse behavior. Or, if they prefer to work on their communication and groundwork skills, we will also spend time emphasizing that. The beauty of Horsemanship-201 & Beyond is that you can keep exploring 

  • Each Horsemanship Lesson is 2 hours in length and one-on-one. 

  • We accept payment installments if you cannot pay in full upon registration. 

  • We highly recommend scheduling your lessons in advance so we can guarantee you'll get the day you want. 

  • Once you register for Horsemanship, your course will never expire. So, you can schedule your lessons however you please. If you are from out of town but tend to visit Utah often, this class is still an excellent option for you! 

  • The textbook is only included in Horsemanship-101. There are no reading assignments in HS-201 & Beyond. 

  • Lessons can be offered in Western and English disciplines. 

  • *An Automatic Gratuity of 20% to your scheduled instructors will be applied. 

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