Horseback Riding Lessons

Want to tune-up your riding skills, never ridden before and want to see why everyone is so excited about horseback riding, have some fear you’re trying to get over?

At KB horses we provide private and group lessons for all skill levels. Our qualified instructors focus on safety and natural horsemanship allowing you to gain confidence in yourself and the horse.

After a phone interview where we discuss your goals and expectations, we take great care in selecting one of our kind-minded and well-trained horses to meet your needs.

We have a 120’x80’ outdoor arena, 60’ round pen, and thousands of acres of trail to practice on. So whether you want to improve your riding, groundwork, or simply learn about the amazing partnership you can form with these majestic animals, let KB HORSES be your guide.

Please call 435-657-0515 for any questions and to schedule your interview.

“I was so afraid of horses I couldn’t even approach one–my heart would beat madly in my chest–but my daughter was passionate, so I had to learn how to at least ride without embarrassing myself. Brenda taught me from the ground up, how a horse’s mind works, how to communicate with a horse and how to relax and enjoy the ride. She’s an excellent teacher because of her respect for both student and animal. You will love every minute with Brenda.”
— Susan B., Los Altos, CA


Private riding lesson (1-2persons): $85.00/hr/person
Group riding lesson (3 or more): $70.00/hr/person

Want to learn more than just how to ride? Check out our horsemanship 101 series. It’s 6, two-hour lessons that introduce you to how these magnificent animals think so you understand life from a horses’ perspective. We’ll show you how to safely catch, lead, tie, groom, saddle, bridle, and ride.

Each horsemanship 101 lesson has three components: a review of an entertaining reading assignment, working on the ground with the horse and riding. By the time you’ve completed Horsemanship 101, you’re ready to own or lease a horse and continue the wonderful journey of being with these amazing creatures.

Somewhere, somehow, we all started our fascination with these wonderful animals. Let us help you explore what’s possible.