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Internship / Student Wrangler

Applications for Summer 2024 are CLOSED. 


Each year from, Mid-May - Mid-August, we take in four interns for the summer and offer them the opportunity to work hard and learn a lot about the ins and outs of our unique horse business. 

As a summer intern, you will be involved in the following: 

  • Grooming and tacking horses 

  • Guiding and Dragging trail rides (dragging is riding in the rear of the ride) 

  • Teaching Horsemanship and Horseback Riding Lessons 

  • Exercising business owned and boarded horses 

  • Training and exercising our "greener" horses, colts, fillies, and yearlings

  • Riding guest horses that may need special attention or tune-ups

  • Daily chores at the ranch and the house include cleaning paddocks, corrals, arenas, stalls, pens, and shelters, filling/cleaning water troughs, and other random barn chores. 

  • Bucking, stacking, and transporting hay

  • Fixing fences and repairing broken hardware

  • Dragging the dirt and leveling the ground in the corrals, arenas, and round pen. 

  • Feeding and graining horses 

  • Doctoring horses, assisting with vet visits/appointments 

  • Assisting the farrier with horses 

  • Maintaining and repairing tack 

  • Joining staff members on various errands, horse-buying trips, and educational expositions 

  • Participating in monthly clinics with our horse trainer and colt starter


We will provide our interns with the following: 

  • An apartment at the company headquarters 

    • Private 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom ​

      • Two beds per bedroom ​

    • Kitchen, dining, and common area with couch and TV 

    • Washer & Dryer 

  • A weekly salary of $100 per intern to cover food and basic needs. 

  • A truck to drive and fuel for work-related driving 

    • Any driving you do outside KB HORSES business is at your expense

  • Shared/Individual tips received from clients for rides/events you've worked 

  • A saddle and horse(s) to ride during your internship 

  • Instruction and coaching as needed to accomplish your duties 

  • Full tuition paid for the Horsemanship-101 certification course and accompanying book

You must be 18 or older to apply and currently enrolled in college/university courses.

* Recommended but not required are those that pertain to equine/animal sciences. 

Intermediate to advanced riders only.

Summer Internship FAQs

1) Can I bring my dog, cat, or horse?

 - For liability reasons, your horse(s) and house pets must stay home and cannot join you throughout your internship. There are plenty of fur babies to love on at the ranch and living quarters.
- KB HORSES will provide plenty of tack and horses throughout your internship. You can bring a western saddle of your own if you'd like, but it's unnecessary. 

2) Can I have visitors?

 - Your family members, friends, and significant others can visit you after your internship.

3) How long is the internship?

 - Full-Time /Full-Immersion 

 - Your contract is to complete at least 90 days

 - Mid-May thru Mid-August

 - You are welcome to stay longer than 90 days.

 - Management can discuss particular school schedules/availability during phone interviews.

4) What if I don't have a horse to use to demonstrate my skills in my videos?

 - See if you can find a local friend, neighbor, or ranch/equestrian center in your area that will allow you to use their horses. In exchange for borrowing a horse, see if you can donate some time to help with chores at a local barn or ranch. 

 - Get as creative as possible, and if you still have trouble - contact us!

5) What if I am not majoring in equine/animal science-specific classes?

 - It is a desirable item on your resume but not required. However, you must be currently enrolled in an accredited college or university. 

Give us a call, text, or email if you have any further questions or concerns!

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